We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering our at-risk youth, giving them every advantage afforded to the privileged. Our award-winning Youth Programs expanded to include encouraging our *future* and their families to express themselves through various programs such as internships, media, the arts, and fitness while healing their hearts, minds, body, spirit, and soul. These are challenging times for our young people and their families. Our job is to give them that ray of hope and light to guide them through the storm!  Our programs place great emphasis on the following: A portion of the sales from our fundraising shop to toward supporting the following programs:

  • · Certified Life Coaching
  • · Conflict / Dispute Resolution 
  • · Self Esteem building & dealing with bullies
  • · Relationship support / building
  • · Domestic Violence & Abuse Awareness and support services
  • · Interview training
  • · Vocational programs
  • · Money Management skill training
  • Starting a business including filings, trademarks, patents and NDA (intellectual property)
  • · Debate clubs
  • · Motivation & Inspiration
  • · Community involvement and outreach
  • · Self-awareness and expression through the arts
  • · Healing Through Hurt i-Talk Radio Program giving our participants a voice prepare to hear them ROAR!