Is Your Bed Made?

Is Your Bed Made?

When you return home take a moment to look at your bed. Is it made or unmade? Many people neglect their beds like they neglect different aspects of their lives. Some people use their bed for open storage units while others just move the mess around. If one's bed has too much clutter to sleep, many simply kick it to the side or off totally. This represents how many people's lives. They keep hoarding, collecting and neglecting until there is no place to rest.

Does your bed remind you of your life?

In life too many tend to kick the mess around instead of dealing with it. Some people would rather ignore the problems or push them aside until another day; they are not going to disappear or fix themselves. The New Year is coming so many need to consider cleaning up the mess to make room to stretch out and enjoy the space. Many need to start by clearing the clutter off of the bed then making sure it is presentable to welcome one home when it is time to simply relax. The same principle can be applying to our lives. We need to address the roadblocks and pitfalls to make room for our blessings and new opportunities. We are ushering in a New Year, why not usher in a new routine?

Make sure your bed is made; you have to lie in it soon. We need to do our best to keep our lives clear of the clutter as well because we have to live with the life we create.

This is one of my favorite posts from 2015! Time to share again! 

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